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Applecore Interactive – SMO
(Social Media Optimization)

What’s the buzz word in marketing? It’s social media optimization, and it’s leading a change in how businesses communicate with their customers. If you use it properly, it will strengthen your brand and create a positive buzz around your business’ name.

Use Social Media to reassure customers that you’re listening to their needs, creating a culture of communication around your company and brand.

Based on the same principles as traditional word of mouth marketing methods, Social Media is a way to reliably disperse your message to a group of people who are already tuned in and want to hear what you have to say. 

What it is

Social Media is an interactive way for people to share opinions, insights, experiences, and perspectives with each other.  It breaks down into many forms, including blogs, messages boards, wikis, text, images, audio and video.  It is the most efficient and cost effective way to interact with existing and potential customers in our online, modern world.

Social Media Marketing is becoming a key strategy for companies to bring in targeted traffic to promote their product or experience.  Applecore’s SMO packages leverage the latest trends in internet communication to bring your company, brand or product to a targeted group of internet users. 

How to get it

You can easily create these channels, but tapping in is only half the job. What you need is a social media strategy—a precise idea of where you want your social media platforms to go and what results you want to see.

The experts at Applecore Interactive can provide you that strategy, developing the smart way to take advantage of the Social Media explosion.

Choose from a scalable, customized social media strategy to make your content available to the people who matter most. All of our packages include a social media strategy and initial implementation, and we’ll set up a variety of accounts with your content, links and related material such as:  

  • Facebook Fan Page: build a network with a custom Facebook group, fan page or create an optional Facebook application. We’ll post your brand, encourage fan discussion and promote news items and releases.
  • Blog: every company needs a corporate blog for news release and upcoming events, as well as showcase your industry knowhow with strategic blog posts that inform and educate your customers. Adding a Blog to your site is also a must to move your company higher in search results! Optional Twitter feed to show your most recent Twitter updates, called tweets.
  • Twitter: This “microblogging” tool is the place to add a profile and send links, add images and real time news to a following of customers, friends and members.
  • YouTube: Allow your customers to view current events, promotional videos about your company or services, and generate interest in your brand and traffic to your website. We’ll create a YouTube page with your introductory videos.  Your website can also be configured to pull a live feed of your videos from YouTube into your website.  
  • Flickr: Show off your services, brands, or company events with this secure online photo and sharing application that’s accessible by mobile phone.  Your website can also be configured to pull a live feed of your photos from Flickr into your website.
  • Google Maps: Add a Google maps plug-in to your website so customers can easily locate your business, and push your website rank higher in search results.  Also add your company to Google maps so customers can find a short summary of your business, along with the option to add photos, reviews and links back to your website.

Why you need it

  • Your customers are already using it.
  • Your competition already does it.
  • Google is already ranking your business – adopting Social Media will return instant improvement in your search engine results.
  • More search results translates to more customers and increased business.
  • You can’t talk to your customers, and you can’t listen to what they have to say on your website. But increased Social Media use creates more opportunities to begin a conversation with your customers, which in turns becomes new places to find your business online. 

Create an online community that communicates directly with existing and potential customers, keeping them up to date – weekly, daily, hourly or up to the minute. Your company and brand will earn the reputation as an authority in your selected industry with new prospects or existing customers –because you’ve built the online relationships to prove it.

The Applecore Approach

Contact us today for a FREE consultation and we’ll teach you how to improve your visibility and interaction in the Social Media world.  With plenty of our experience in managing successful social media campaigns for clients like Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism, 2010 JUNOS, Targa Newfoundland, and many others, we have a wealth of knowledge to share.  We practice what we preach: check out our own Blog, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook page for many great articles on the explosion of social media sites.