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Applecore is the leading Online Marketing Strategy Development agency in St. John’s Newfoundland.

Strategy. Wikipedia defines it as a plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal - most often "winning." We agree, and whether we're starting from scratch, or redesigning what you already have, it's all about planning and organization. Our CORE Strategy Map works.

Our CORE Strategy Map provides a visual representation of our plan of action from start to finish. We utilize best practices, checklists, surveys, worksheets and forms. We're big fans of successful workflow. It works for us because it works for our clients.


Before the first step, you must spend a portion of time understanding the scope of your Internet marketing project. Our CORE Client Survey gathers necessary information about your company as we work together to analyze the industry and audience that your business is competing within. We also discover what elements would most benefit your online presence – do you need a Facebook page, would a blog serve better, or maybe both?  From there, we can create a project plan and schedule, tailored to the needs and specifications of your project.


At this stage, the core concepts - site structure and navigation - are developed, along with mapping out a delivery plan with deadlines for online marketing content. We also identify what service


This stage sees the development of design concepts and the creation of all graphic templates. The 'style guide' for your online marketing project - standard fonts, colors headers, brand standards - is established here. This stage relies on your feedback as we present the options for your sign-off.


Following the Project Plan, we construct your website, creating HTML templates, integrating backend development, and populating the pages with your approved content and design. At the end of the project, you’ll have full access to your very own content management system. Conducting QA testing helps us prioritize and fix any bugs, as final checks are performed before launch.


Every online marketing project is a learning experience for both our companies, so our key players gather together for a Lessons Learned session. Applecore Interactive can help you decide how much (or how little) assistance you will need as you choose the maintenance plan that works with your requirements.